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10 Reasons Why Higher Education Will Help You

10 Reasons Why Higher Education Will Help You

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More than just a piece of paper, college degrees are invaluable assets that set you up for a lifetime of rewards. Here’s why you should do everything you can to give yourself the best chance at success!

You’ll be qualified for more

The latest research from Educated Rooster predicts that by 2018 60% of jobs will require some form of post-secondary education. Enough said.

Earn more

Plain and simple, a college education translates into higher pay packets. You’re more skilled than your high school grad counterparts, which means you’ll score better roles and bigger salaries.

Beat unemployment

Unemployment rates are significantly lower for those with higher education credentials up their sleeves. Educated Rooster reports that the Bachelor’s Degree demographic is 4.9% lower than the national average, while Associates and HS Diplomas are 6.8% and 9.4% respectively.

Think critically

Critical thinking is a skill that’s categorically fostered throughout university. This skill can be applied to every aspect of your life, from social situations to professional challenges.

Learn the art of discipline

Unlike high school, there are no college professors breathing down your neck to get things done on time. Instead, you’ll learn the art of self-discipline, as well as mad time management and anti-procrastination skills.

Enjoy greater job satisfaction

The College Board reports that 51% of workers aged 30-45 with a bachelor’s degree of higher are very satisfied with their jobs, as opposed to just 47% of workers with high school diplomas.

Live a healthier lifestyle

Interestingly, 68% of four-year college graduates exercise vigorously at least one a week, while just 40% of high school graduates do the same. College teaches you good habits, and healthy living is one of them!

Arm yourself with social mobility

College education is highly valued in society, with 31% of college graduates from the mid-range family income quintile moving up to the top income quintile. This is significantly higher than the 12% without college degrees.

Make friends for life

Often the friends you keep for life are the ones you made in college. You’re all in the same boat, which makes it a great tie for bonding and building deep connections that last.

Develop as a person

During your university life you’ll enjoy a unique opportunity to develop as a person. This includes gaining independence, working on confidence, networking with peers, improving communication skills, managing time, budgeting and more.

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