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Success and Social Responsibility

Those who make it to the top of the success chain deserve the recognition they receive and often find themselves in the spotlight for the school, company, cause, or organization that they represent. In other words, your name, your face, and your reputation are out there for all to see and know – and you […]

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The Perks of Working Hard for Your Future

Have you ever known anyone who created the future they desired without working for it? It is not likely that you have. In the giant scheme of things that makes up our world, there is not a lottery machine that pulls out a future for you. Instead, your future depends on the work you put […]

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The Art of Perseverance: Tips to Survive College Life

College life is a huge adjustment for many students. You are away from home (maybe even for the first time) and find that you are responsible for taking care of yourself on your own. For example, handling your laundry, meals, housekeeping, and even waking up on time. Combine these new responsibilities with studying, writing papers, […]

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