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Back to School: Time to Focus

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Although Spring Break is needed to have a break and refresh, getting back into a rhythm can be a challenge. Focus and concentration are important at all times of the year but refocusing now is important as your student is in the home stretch for the academic year!

Your tutor can help your student get back on track in a number of key ways. Ask your tutor to give a pop quiz. The quiz can be verbal or written and the idea is to clear away some of the cobwebs; to refocus and to help assess where your student is in terms of remembering what they have learned thus far. Also, your student and tutor should use part of one session to map out what will be worked on for the remainder of the academic year. Knowing how far you have come AND knowing where you currently are, provide bookends to your student’s academic success story.

Your student is in great hands with the tutors at Getting Into The Ivys because as professional teachers and professors, they fully understand the importance of getting back into a regular schedule and focusing on academics. Just like your student, they have come back from Spring Break as well. Some of the tutors may have gone away for a vacation, some may have had professional development days, and others may have stayed locally; but as professionals they will have taken steps to refocus themselves.

It may be that you want to use the suggestions above in an additional tutoring session. If that is the case, please let your son or daughter’s tutor know right away so that (s)he can refocus and transition back into a school and study schedule smoothly. As always if there are any questions please let your tutor know or contact us at head office. We look forward to helping your student focus on the tasks at hand and achieve excellence in academia.

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