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Benefits and Drawbacks of A Gap Year

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A lot of students wonder if they should opt for a gap year or not! This is a phrase thrown by students who are in high school! There are several benefits and drawbacks in taking a gap year. It is one of the finest times to learn more about yourself and to understand what you wish to achieve in life. However, many parents don’t approve the idea of gap years. This is why you should have strong points to convince your point to them.

Pro #1 – Impress Employers

Would you believe if someone tells you that gap years can impress employers? It is an amazing time to learn new skills and improve your talents. For example, you can judge your ability to work as an independent. It is a period when you can exploit through cultural awareness programs and comprehend about various markets/organizations. These are few interesting skills that can be gained only from a gap year.

Cons #1 – Leaving Friends

One of the toughest facts about taking a gap year is that you will be behind many students. You may come across friends who wave you goodbye for a whole new life in college. You should wait a year, before enjoying these adventures and joys.

Pro #2 – New Experiences

A lot of students tend to meet new people during gap years. According to experts, it is more-or-less impossible not to come across new people. You may come across many people during college and school. However, the number of people you discover during gap years can be huge. You will come across people from different ways of life and will be able to discover newer worlds.

Cons #2 – Leaving Home

Some students tend to feel homesick during gap years. The idea of meeting new people may sound interesting; but, you will miss the simple comforts at home, your friends and family. This is something you should keep in mind.

Pro #3 – Unlimited Stories

Moving on, gap years can give you loads of stories to tell and conversations to remember. A hefty number of stories can pile up in few short months. And, this is what many students yearn for. When you are ought to attend an interview, these stories will certainly provide you lots of content.

Cons #3 – Spending Oodles of Money

Last but certainly not least, gap years can be very expensive. The final cost depends on the trip’s duration and destination. If you want to enjoy a lucrative gap year, you must be prepared to spend few extra dollars.

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