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The Benefits of Walking the Extra Mile

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Why stop at one mile when you can walk two? In the educational realm, this refers to two groups of people: those who will do what they need to do to get by and those who will go above and beyond to stand out. Within which group do you fit?

Before you take another step ahead in your education, consider these benefits of walking the extra mile:

  • In a swarm of thousands of other students applying to a college, your efforts to go above and beyond will make you stand out.
  • You will present yourself as a confident go-getter with goals – which can potentially open you up to new opportunities.
  • Those who take the initiative to go the extra mile will stand out by setting the bar higher for future students.
  • Rewards often come to those who excel above the rest. Not only do you reap the personal benefits of succeeding, but you may also receive recognition or reward from teachers, administration (or even a manager or supervisor if in the workplace).
  • There aren’t many things that feel better than just feeling good about yourself. Here you can enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment, and achievement. Go on and pat yourself on the back.

Perhaps the best benefit of all is knowing that when you exhibit the desire to go above and beyond what is expected, a better quality of work is usually reflected. And, if truth be told, most people would prefer quality over quantity.

Refuse to be ordinary. Choose to be extraordinary!

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