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Brain Food: Wanna Be Smart? Eat!

Food is what fuels our body. If we feed our body properly, it can do some incredible things – both physically and mentally. Did you know that by eating certain foods you can provide your brain with power you need to succeed? It’s true! You sure don’t want to wait to start including these foods […]

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Cramming – Yay or Nay?

Cramming is when you make the decision to put off studying until the last minute. For example, you know you have a test on Monday, but you decide to put off studying until late Sunday night. Now you have a brief period to learn a whole lot of information. Is it effective? Perhaps, in the […]

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Your Major: Is it Passion or is it Money?

Throughout your life thus far, you have likely had to answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And now, as you journey toward college, you will be confronted with a new question: “What is your major?” It is never too early to begin considering the answer to this question. […]

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Self-Confidence: How it Affects Your Work

Self-confidence is vital for succeeding in almost anything that you do – in school and in life. But, unfortunately, lacking it can hold you back from many opportunities and experiences. So, how does this little trait have such a powerful role? Self-confidence gives you a sense of respect for Having it means that you will […]

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The False Reality of College

The idea of college usually falls into three categories – a place to socialize, a place to become a scholar, or somewhere in between the two. However, it is so much more than this. It is a time for educational and learning independence and responsibility. Know that you will fall on your face. Also learning […]

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Why Do Students Need Life Coaches?

Dalai Lama always said that man’s key goal should be to stay happy and content at all times. This is considered as the prime meaning of life coaching. Happiness defines each one of us. It differs from person to person and lifestyle to lifestyle. And, in this modern era, a lot of students require life […]

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