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Blossom and Bloom Into A Successful Student

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Are you worried that you have not reached your full academic potential yet? Have you ever been told that you are a late bloomer?  Well, the important thing is that you do “actually” bloom.  A flower that blooms later on, is just as beautiful as the flower next to it that bloomed earlier.  Blooming does take time and with some effort today you can have a brighter tomorrow. Below are some simple steps you can take to help you “blossom and bloom” as a good student

Set Goals
Both short-term and long-term goals are a great way to measure your achievements.  Without goals you do not know what you are reaching for and your studies may feel like you are just travelling down a long road with no signposts to tell you where you are and how far you have to go. Concrete goals help motivate you and are an accurate measure of your success thus far.

Stick to a Schedule
Trying to “wing it” or do things “on the fly” just is not effective. Virtually every successful person in school, work, entertainment, etc. has a schedule.  Even people who appear to just coast by and do things on the fly, have systems in place to keep them on track.   Schedules are not to be seen as restrictive.  When you create a schedule, you are “telling your time” what to do instead of time just slipping away and then panicking later on when you “do not have enough time” to do the important things.

Make Sure You are Well-Rested
A rested brain is a strong brain.  Your body and brain simply need rest.  The more rested and alert you are during the school day or when you are studying, the more effective you will be.

Lean on Your Educators
Your teachers and tutors want to help you succeed.  Ask for extra help when and where you need it.  If you are doing pretty well but want to do better, ask for extra readings or for them to give you insight on how to master specific subjects. You’ll be surprised that a little bit of extra work can go a long way in terms of your overall achievements.

Study Buddy
Partnering up with someone in your class who is just as dedicated as you are or appears to be doing very well in your class, could be a very good strategy.  This person may have the same concerns about success as you do, and feedback from others can be useful.  Even though you pay attention in class, for example, they may have heard something that you missed. And, besides, it is often said that two heads are better than one.

With some effort and by working smart, not just hard, you can blossom and bloom into a successful student. There is an old saying that goes along these lines: “The best time to get your harvest was to plant yesterday”.  In other words, what you do today will benefit you in the future. To blossom and to bloom, just like the flowers in a spring garden, takes time. But if you set goals and stick to them, you will blossom and bloom beautifully as a student. Guaranteed!

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