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5 Things You Can Do this Holiday Season that Will Benefit You in the Future

Your break from school this holiday season means that you have time to spend with friends and family doing all the things you love to do. Shopping, decorating, cooking and baking, socializing are things you will likely find on your to-do list. But, did you know that there are things you can do during your […]

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Sticking to the Plan

School is winding down now for the year. After Thanksgiving, you will usually find yourself bombarded with exams – which is enough to stress you out just before the winter break. It is easy to get lost in the holiday spirit this time of year and let your studies get pushed to the side. After […]

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Success and Social Responsibility

Those who make it to the top of the success chain deserve the recognition they receive and often find themselves in the spotlight for the school, company, cause, or organization that they represent. In other words, your name, your face, and your reputation are out there for all to see and know – and you […]

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