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Celebrate Your Graduation

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This message is targeted to students, in particular; but we encourage parents to read it as well and be part of celebrating the success of their student.

It is important to celebrate successes and graduation is a major one. After years of sacrifice on the part of both child and parent, a major accomplishment is about to be achieved: High School Graduation!

A startling number of people do not graduate from high school and, as such, are hampering their future potential. You, as a student, have accomplished what some people do not and it means you have met a major milestone that is a precursor to future educational success.

Your high school diploma is proof of your hard work and the verification that your chosen college or university needs to consider you for higher education. In other words, it is official, you can now go on to college!  Marking the achievement of your graduation has a number of benefits.  It will be a permanent marker in your mind that will encourage you to continue striving for your goals, even when it is not easy. This major milestone should be an enormous boost to your self-confidence.  You have made it!

Your future career is as close as four years away. Just four years ago, you were entering high school and in just four years you may be entering a new career (unless you decide to go to graduate school, law school or pursue additional education).  Four years in the span of your life is really a short period of time; but an amount of time that will impact the rest of your life. Celebrate today’s success because it has moved you one step closer to a great future.

Your graduation means that you have overcome set-backs, have something tangible for all the sacrifices you have made, and you now have something that nobody can ever take away from you: a high school education. Now is a great time to be proud of yourself and boast. Put up posts about your graduation and your stellar GPA.  Plan something special with your friends like a party, a day at an amusement park, or a barbeque where your classmates, friends, and family can get together laugh, let off steam, and simply have some fun.

Ensure that lots of pictures are taken on your graduation day and be sure to save them. A hard copy diary is ideal and, of course, save your mementos electronically too. In both the near and distant future, you will be thrilled to look back at the memories of your special day.

Parents, be proud of your child and slather on praise.  Depending on your budget, offer a present that you know they will love and if your child wants you to host a big barbeque or event, then get ready to fire up the grill.  This is time to celebrate.  You need to pat yourself on the back too for all the effort you have made to ensure that your child is successful – from driving them to tutoring sessions to gentle (and not so gentle…lol) reminders to turn off electronics and focus on their lessons. You have been part of their success; but be sure to let them have the spotlight.

Students and parents, alike, we at Getting Into The Ivys commend you for the work and effort that it has taken to reach this critical academic milestone.  We also thank you for choosing us to be part of your journey because we truly see your success as our success. Students, we have enjoyed helping you with your exam prep, problem solving, study techniques, and generally encouraging you along the way.

Please remember that we offer tutoring at the college and post graduate levels too. We would love to continue helping you climb your academic ladder. In the meantime, celebrate and celebrate well: you deserve it. Congratulations!

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