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Discussing the Future with Family over the Holiday Season

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For most, the holiday season brings many, many family gatherings. Besides getting your cheeks pinched and having to give up your bedroom to the out-of-town guests, you may find that you are at the age when your family wants to question the future you have chosen to pursue. After answering all their questions, you will likely get one of two responses:

  • smiling in proud anticipation of that future, or
  • the dreaded smirk that is followed up by a speech, a lecture, and a debate on whether that is the right future for you.

Thankfully, there are ways to deal with discussing your future with family members that may or may not agree with your decisions. First, be open to discussion. Adults have experience in the world that you haven’t received yet. Discuss your plans and see what they say. Perhaps you will gain some insight.

Another thing to do is to find the good in what is said – and let the annoying speeches fade from your memory. While you may be quite confident in what you would like your future to look like, sometimes overbearing adults may actually have some good takeaway points for you. Do not totally rule out the things that adults say; whether you want to hear them or not. They may disagree with your plan, but their reasons why may be valid things you haven’t even considered yet.

Finally – and most importantly — remember that you are the one who will be living your future. Make sure it is what you want and go for it.

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