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Eating Within the Boundaries During the Holidays

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Holidays are notorious for involving a ton of food! Whether or not your family chooses to feast on a traditional meal or not, there are usually so much food and baked goods that it is easy to overstuff ourselves. And, let’s not even mention all the social gatherings that occur with food during the entire holiday season!

There are ways, however, to eat within boundaries during the holidays. And, we’ve got a few tips to help you do just that.

Sample everything. By taking a sample portion of each offering, you won’t feel like you are missing out on anything.

Take time between plates. Rushing from finishing to grab seconds or to head straight into dessert is a surefire way to overeat. Take time in between to let your food settle. You will likely realize you are already full.

Eat before you go. Before attending holiday social gatherings throughout the season, eat before you go. That way you will find all the tempting treats less appealing.

Bring a healthy dish. If you are to bring a dish to an event, make it a healthy one. By doing so, you know there is one good dish for you to munch on.

Don’t let them spoil you. Parents love to spoil their children – especially those who have been away at college – with all their favorite holiday treats and dishes. Don’t feel obligated to eat it all. Even make the request before you head home that you are trying to stay healthy.

By following these steps and being smart with your choices, you will more easily eat within the boundaries during the holidays.

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