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The False Reality of College

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The idea of college usually falls into three categories – a place to socialize, a place to become a scholar, or somewhere in between the two. However, it is so much more than this.

  • It is a time for educational
  • and learning independence and responsibility.
  • Know that you will fall on your face. Also learning and a time of personal growth.
  • It is the fork in the road where you must choose how you will dominate your future.
  • It is a time of transitioning into adulthood, know that you will shine. College is a life-changing experience that will force you to stand on your own two feet. You must be prepared to face challenges and not give up no matter what happens.
  • Know what you are looking for in a school and do your research before you apply. Keep an open-mind that it still may not be what you imagined.
  • Know that college may not be for you. Are you determined? Do you have goals that require you to get your degree? Take a hard look at your future and decide if it even includes college. Assess your personal strengths and weaknesses.

What if the vision you have in your head really isn’t what you find once you arrive at your chosen college? Now may be the perfect time to reflect on what it is you are looking for in a college, understand the dynamics of what college truly is, and decide if it is even for you.

The truth is, attending college is tough and it is a personal choice. It may not be what you thought or it may not be for you at all. If you understand this, you will be faced with fewer surprises.

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