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Graduation: A Real Milestone

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Graduation. It is an important event no matter if it happens at the end of preschool, high school or medical school. Graduation is important because not only does it mark the end of a season, but it also marks the beginning of something new and hopefully great. It signifies a great accomplishment that has been made by a lot of hard work and a big commitment to finishing well.

I am so glad that graduation exists because I am someone that needs to see the light at the end of the tunnel in order to keep going strong. I need to see the end goal, or I often get lost in the busyness of the process. And graduation does just that. It keeps me going, it gives me something to aim for, and it puts an end to whatever I am doing, whether it has been easy or hard.

It is important that graduations are celebrated and that the people graduating feel like the people they love are proud of them. Everyone who has gotten through high school remembers how hard it actually was. The late nights spent cramming for tests or writing huge papers and the long days of taking tests or giving presentations. Learning how to make good friends and surround yourself with good people is just one of the many challenges, adolescents face. And who could forget the terror or pleasure of the high school prom? For some, their high school prom is a great memory of a romance filled evening; and for others, they cannot wait to forget the terrible high school prom night. Regardless of how good or bad high school was, most seniors look with anticipation toward graduation day.

For teens ending high school, graduation is one of the biggest events they can imagine. Most can hardly wait to receive their cap and gown and send out countless announcements to family and friends. The families of some seniors throw large parties to showcase the accomplishments of their students. They display photographs of their child from preschool through to their senior year, and parents can often be found mingling at the party bragging about how great their child is. And rightfully so. By the time their student walks the aisle at graduation, they have done more than enough to make their parents proud.

High school graduation is significant because for many it marks the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. Before graduation even takes place, students begin filling out applications for colleges or for jobs. They begin planning and dreaming about what their life might become. They think about purchasing a car or a computer, they think about the new friends that are to be made at college. By the time graduation day arrives, teens are oftentimes filled with a mixture of emotions. Some are fearful, some mourn the loss of their childhood, and still others are nothing but joyful about the transition. Whatever their emotional state, all students seem to hold one thing in common on graduation day: relief. Relief over being finished with years of schooling, relief over making it through all of the hardships of growing up, and the relief of another summer break about to begin. Happy Graduation Class of 2019!

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