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How Colors Affect Your Mood

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What is your favorite color? How do you feel when you see that color?  Have you ever thought about how colors could affect your mood?  It might be worthwhile considering how colors could help motivate or distract you as you study and work on test preparation. You may have never heard it before but color psychology is an actual field of study and as you prepare for the ivy leagues, changing or adding some color to your study space may be advantageous.  Below are some brief overviews of different colors and their effects.


White walls tend to give off a sterile or clinical feeling and can evoke a cold, isolated feeling which could hamper productivity.


Yellow and orange are often linked to positive emotions such as optimism and happiness.  You may have seen pictures of funky office spaces in places like Holland and Sweden, which are known for creativity; make liberal use of yellow and orange in your color schemes to inspire yourself.


Blues and greens have a calming effect and can help with concentration, especially if detailed focus is necessary.
Now listen, this message is not about recommending any one color but rather to think about how the colors may affect your moods and to think about what color may best suit your study style.  For some people, they need a study space where they feel more energized and inspired. For others, a calm and soothing place may be more important. Hopefully by now you may know your study style and study needs. However, if you have any difficulty, it may be worthwhile having a discussion with your Getting Into The Ivys tutor; ask them what they see are your strengths and weaknesses, and ask them what they think may work best for you.

In terms of using color to your advantage, you could paint your room in the color of your choice, or just paint an accent wall (just one wall) in your new “study color”.  If painting is too daunting a task. Adding accessories (pillows, curtains, pens, and school supplies) in the color you choose can give you the boost that you are looking for.

Colors can have a pretty big impact on your preparation and studying, just by the increase of positivity in your emotions. If you have colors in your study space that inspire and calm you, or boost creativity, then great! If not, consider adding some. At the minimum colors that you like are just nice to have around, and at best you have another strategy in your toolbox for academic success.

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