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How Should You Spend Your Summer?

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably asking yourself something similar to the title of this blog post: how should I spend the summer? How can I be productive? How can I make the most of these precious few weeks? There’s a lot of options available to you, and a lot of different factors to consider. To help out, we’ve weighed up the pros and cons of some of the main summer activities you could do. Here’s our low-down on some of the ways you can spend your summer.

Get a Job

Lots of students find that it’s useful to work before their senior year or before going off to college. Look for available positions at stores, restaurants, the beach or at summer camps, or try something more entrepreneurial like nannying, gardening, or cleaning pools.

Pros: Extra money can always be very handy, and a job can be great life experience.

Cons: You can’t always choose the type of hours you’d be expected to work. This can often be very time-consuming and tiring.


Volunteering involves giving up your time for free in order to help other people. It can be very rewarding and can really make a difference to those who need it. Look for opportunities at the local hospital, children’s center, food shelter or senior home. Or find out what you can do to support a local charity or non-profit organization.

Pros: Looks great on your resume or college application and it’s a great way to give back to the local community. Also, a very good way to meet new people and challenge yourself in unexpected ways.

Cons: Like a job, volunteering can be very time-consuming and tiring. And although it can be rewarding, you have to accept that you receive no compensation for your time and effort.

Get Some Quality ‘Me’ Time

After working hard all year, the summer can be a chance to take some well-needed rest. It’s a chance to recharge your mind, body and soul, so you can be on top of your game when August comes around. Reading a book, meditating, exercising, pampering yourself, doing your hobbies and anything else that makes you feel like ‘you’ counts.

Pros: Everyone deserves a break, and taking time out can be fun, engaging and peaceful. It’s a chance to treat yourself and enjoy doing things that make you happy.

Cons: It can be easy to get too comfortable relaxing and resting. It’s easy to lose focus or feel idle and unmotivated if you over-indulge and let your other priorities and responsibilities go.


Although the school year is over, studying over the summer can keep your mind sharp and your knowledge fresh. You can go over your study notes, practice a subject you find particularly difficult or simply get a head start on the new academic year.

Pros: Studying over summer will make returning to the classroom a heck of a lot easier. You can get the extra boost you know you need and be rewarded when it comes to exam and essay time.

Cons: It can be very hard to get motivated when the sun is out and the summer is at your disposal. (But remember, you don’t have to do it alone – that’s what your Getting Into the Ivys tutors are there for… to give you the extra boost and motivation you need!)


So, what’s next? Well, it’s time to think very carefully about your options for the summer and to start to put a plan in place. Talk to your parents and your Getting Into The Ivys tutor if you need help deciding what to do. But however you choose to spend the summer, try to find the right balance between work, study, rest and play so that you feel fulfilled and also not over-stretched. Do your best and listen to what your heart and body are telling you. And have a fantastic summer, whatever you do!

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