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How to Deal with Springtime Jitters

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Yay, it’s Springtime.  Time to get from under the cold weather and feel freer when you get rid of heavier jackets and have more hours in the day to feel sun on your skin.  But it is also a time when people can start to feel anxious and jittery.  Months of hibernation and avoiding cold weather can take its toll on your nerves. The end of the school year is in sight and it brings thoughts of “So much work, so little time”.  Don’t give into the Springtime jitters, Spring is a time for rebirth, rediscovery and growth.  Use these tips below to help get rid of those jitters:

Spring Cleaning
Do a little Spring cleaning of your workspace.  That sticky note that has been hanging around for weeks: handle it or get rid of it.  Organize your space, clear your desk, dust and be sure to get rid of digital clutter (if you have 200 emails or more in your email box, just get rid of them).  A fresh start will help clear your mind.

Shake It Off
Do you hear that Taylor Swift song in your head now?  Sometimes you just need to shake it off to work through the nerves.  Stand up, wiggle your fingers, shake your hands and your arms, jump up and down. These things will help blow off energy and even though it may feel silly it can really help get the blood flowing and help your body energize and release tension; you may even want to play the song while shaking it off…lol.

Study Outside
On sunny days instead of wishing you were outside, change things up and go outside. Depending on where you live, your library may have some outdoor study areas.  Many local coffee shops will maximize customers by having outdoor spaces as well, and the occasional coffee or hot chocolate may be just the perfect treat to enjoy while turning an outdoor café into a study spot.  If you have a patio and a picnic table at home, you have a new study area to explore. Getting outside and having lots of fresh air to oxygenate your blood and brain can give your mind the novelty and change of pace that is needed.

Self Talk
Monitor and change your self-talk.  You might be repeating phrases like: “How am I going to get all this done?”; or “I should have___________”; or “I wish I had started______sooner”. Stop the negative talk and add positive ones like “I got this!”  Or, when you get a good grade back congratulate yourself and say: “Another mic drop!”  You have the potential, you have a whole history of successes, feed your brain with these positives and it will strengthen you, and give you further confidence and encouragement.

Yep, Stress Will Happen
Expect some stress and jitters. Life happens, and your life includes stressful study, exam prep, and you actually having to take exams.  But you can help mitigate those by being prepared.  Learn your materials thoroughly, allow yourself plenty of time for study and when it comes time to take your exams, breathe and have confidence in all the hard work you put in.  You deserve to be congratulated for all the hard work you do, so go into those exams knowing you did your best.

Spring can be hard on students who have a lot of work ahead in the remaining part of the school year and, have been cooped up working away.  But those jitters do not have to define your work input, or the resulting output!  Change things up a bit; use Spring to your advantage and you can help quell those jitters.

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