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How to Raise a Slumping GPA

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If you look at the calendar the end of this school year is just weeks away. Yikes!!  That means you only have weeks, not months to get the GPA that you need to get into your favorite school.  With just weeks to go, is it even possible to get the GPA that you hoped for?  The answer is “Yes”.  It will take some work; but you can do it! 

Ask your tutor for help
Help is available from your Getting Into The Ivys tutor.  They are interested in your success.  If your GPA is slumping, we won’t necessarily know unless you tell us.  If your grades need a pick-me-up let us know.  We can strategize with you and help.  It may require an additional session where we look over some of your papers, exams, and class notes.  Whatever you do, please let us know right away as time is of the essence.

Yes, we know you do a lot of homework and studying, but it’s not just about how much you study it’s how you study that can make a difference.  Regular reviews are a great way to familiarize yourself with and remember your academic material.  Every day after class:

*Review your class notes
*Reread the chapter that was discussed in class
*If you have traded notes with someone in class, review those notes as well
*If you have recorded your classes, listen to them while walking to and from school, or as you exercise or get ready in the morning.

On the weekends enjoy yourself and get extra rest; but dedicate an hour or so to reviewing everything from the past week.  When it comes time for exams, if you have reviewed everything daily and weekly it will be much easier to recall material that you have seen several times before, rather than trying to pack the information in within a short period of time. After all, true learning takes place over time!

Avoid All Night Study Sessions
Your mind and body need rest.  Your brain will work much more effectively with proper rest. Sleep improves concentration and your ability to remain organized and improve your recall.  Avoiding all-nighters, goes hand-in-hand with the regular review tactic. Putting in consistent bite-size chunks of effort will considerably reduce the amount of studying you need to do the night before an exam.

Sit in Front of The Class
If you do not have assigned seating and people do not have favorite seats, sit at the front of the class. Sitting in the front makes sure that you have less distractions. When you are at the front you are more likely to be able to hear detailed explanations and not miss nuances that you just might not catch if you are father away from the teacher and the chalkboard or screen at the front of the class.  Also, you are less likely to get into a non-related conversation or let your mind wander if you know that the teacher can look you directly in the eyes more easily.  If you do have assigned seating, ask the teacher to reassign you.  If they say no, at least you tried, but the main idea is to put yourself in a mindset (and if possible physical space) of focused attention with fewer distractions.

Yes, it is true, academic year 2017/2018 is on the horizon and if you have not achieved the GPA you want yet, you can make it happen by putting in some serious extra effort, stepping up your game, and keeping focused. Follow the steps above to raise your GPA. Your tutor is willing and able to help; and you have it in you to succeed. Good Luck!

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