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Is Your Kid “College-Ready?”

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As much as we are excited for our kids and for our own freedom, we are never quite ready for our kids to leave home and head off to that scary place called college. You will be full of questions and self-doubt – will she know how to eat properly? Will he change his socks every day? What if she finds herself in a sticky situation, can she stay strong? Have I raised him to stay focused and level-headed? And on and on.

It is natural to worry about whether or not your kid can navigate life without you. While you did a good job and your kid will do just fine, here are a few last-minute things to consider discussing before they head off to college (and for your own peace of mind):

  • Self-confidence. Discuss the importance of having confidence and strength in oneself. Reassure your child that college is tough – in fact, it’s a whole different ballgame from high school – but that with confidence, he or she will be able to conquer anything.
  • Making good decisions. Remind your child that every decision has a consequence – either good or bad. It is important to weigh options and to use his or her best judgment when making decisions.
  • Safety first. Emphasize the importance of safety. It is ok to say, “NO!” Do not be afraid to talk to superiors or figures of authority if they feel uncomfortable about a certain person or situation.
  • Personal hygiene. Taking care of oneself makes you feel good, both inside and out. And, when you feel good, you will do good.

Rest assured that you have taught your kids life lessons all along. However, there sure isn’t any harm in sending them reminders every now and then!

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