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Learn to Love Writing Essays

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Essays, UGHH, YUCK & OH NO!!  These are some of the most common feelings people have, just at the thought of writing essays. So, don’t worry you are not alone!  It’s OK to have negative feelings about writing essays. Somewhere in the world right this very second someone is saying: “I don’t know what to say” or “How am I going to write so many words?”  Essays are just a part of life, you are going to have to do them.  But the question is how to make them fun or an activity that you can actually like and, maybe even, enjoy?   With the tips below, you can turn essay writing from dreary to dramatic, and perhaps become passionate about the whole process!

1          Speak Passionately

Have you ever wished that people would just shut up and listen?  Have you ever had a really good point to make but it got lost because someone interrupted you?  Well, an essay is a way to get your points across without anyone interrupting you.  In fact, writing an essay is like having a captive audience who MUST listen to what you have to say, even if that audience is just your teacher reading your essay to give you a grade.

Since you are giving your opinions and thoughts, speak passionately about the topic.  Take a stance and speak out about it.  In an essay you are taking a position and giving details. Speak as if you are trying to convince somebody of a point that you truly believe in. When you have an opinion on a topic, you care about it more and your passion for it will shine through.

2          Do Some Research

It’s great to have an opinion, but make sure it is an informed opinion.  Do your research and you can even use Wikipedia.  Now do NOT quote Wikipedia but, you can use it to get an overview of the topic; be sure to read the sources that are referenced at the bottom to the Wikipedia page.   When you have researched a topic thoroughly you can back up your opinions, or form a new one, that is fortified by research.

3          Blah, Blah, Blah

Just talk. If you want to get ideas flowing, think about using an app or video function on your phone to record your thoughts and get them out of your head into a tangible format.  You can later transcribe your thoughts and then order them into a nice neat essay.

4          Do Not Write an Introduction

…unless that works for you.  Many people get stuck writing an introduction because they don’t know what to say to get started. When this happens, it blocks the rest of the essay that is just waiting to get out.

When it gets down to it, most essays follow the same format an introduction, the body, and the conclusion.  The introduction briefly talks about the topic and tells what you will talk about in the body. The body is the heart of the essay and the conclusion summarizes what has already been said.  If you focus on the body, all you need to do is summarize in the conclusion and give a “preview” of what you have already written in the introduction.  In other words, the introduction practically writes itself when you focus on the body first. Excellent tip – even if I say so myself!

Sharing your opinions and getting your thoughts out, that is the heart of essay writing. Using these tips can really help you do just that. It can be fun and help you to deliver your way of thinking to the rest of the world.

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