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Learning to Love to Learn: When Your Teen Hates School

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School can be impossible to deal with when your teenager hates to be there. It can be a struggle every day to get your teen off to school. How do you deal with a problem like that, especially when they have finals looming and college applications on the horizon? It really is make or break time for them.

You first need to find out the reason why your teen is dreading school so much. The problem might be something that is easily solved. If there is another student at school who is causing problems for your son or daughter, you can talk to the teacher or Principal to try to resolve it. Moving your teen’s timetable around and away from the other teen, or source of contention, may well alleviate the problem, or even switching teachers. You, as a parent, have to decide if a change in your teen’s attitude could help or if something else is needed.

If your teen doesn’t have any friends at school it can be really difficult to go to school every day. When your children are in elementary school you can be an influence on your children and arrange a play time for your children – inviting other kids over; however, when they become teenagers they will be choosing their own friends and their own peer groups. How do you know that these friends or peers are a positive or negative influence on your teen? It is critical to engage in open and uncritical dialogue on a regular basis with your teenager. They must feel as if they can trust you should they need an outlet to discuss what is happening between them and among their friends and peers. This perspective could help you find the problem that your teen is having and suggest some solutions to fix it.

If your teen is struggling with a specific subject, you can give them the help they need by hiring a professional tutor. Whatever the cause is for their problem in school, find a way to help them to resolve it as quickly as possible. Procrastination could mean the difference between your teen successfully graduating and entering the college of their choice, or them struggling to meet basic high school graduation criteria and missing out on college. Your teens high school years should be a positive and rewarding experience, they should enjoy going to school and love learning. If your teen needs help learning to love to learn, feel free to call us for a free consultation at: +1 (855) 847 8881 we look forward to turning them into life-long learners.

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