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Life Skills for College: What you need to succeed

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You are just starting out in this thing called “adulthood.” Going off to college can throw you straight into a whirlwind of adult responsibilities without having a parent overlooking your every move. So, you are going to need to make sure you brush up on your life skills. Here are the most important skills needed for college that you may not have thought about:

– Time management. In college, you are going to be the only one responsible for you. It is important that you learn how to manage your time. You know when you must study, when you must sleep, and when you need time for taking a break. Don’t over-do it or under-do it. Find a balance and maintain it.

– Proper Nutrition. Mom isn’t going to be cooking your meals anymore. She also isn’t going to be hiding the sugary junk food. It is now going to be totally up to you to make sure you get eat right and maintain a healthy diet.

– Laundry. Yep, here is another thing you will be doing on your own now. Hopefully by now you know how to manage these machines, but if not, do a cram session before leaving home. Separate your colors and whites – and please don’t forget to wash your sheets every week!

– Social time. It is important to be social when in college. But you must set clear boundaries. For instance, just because your friends can call you at 3am without waking up mom and dad, doesn’t mean they should. You need your rest and you need to take care of your priority first – you.

The first few weeks of being away from home and at college will be a learning experience for you. You may have a few slip ups, but don’t worry we’ve all been there and you too can conquer the basic life skills in no time!

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