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Looking from a New Perspective

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It is easy to get into a routine or habit and continue down the same path. Unfortunately, that does not always get you to where you want to go – and how you want to get there. Sometimes you need to look at things from a new perspective. You may be surprised at what doing so can do for you!

Your perspective is how you view your life. It is your point of view and how you see it. Your perspective is unique to you. In fact, someone else can look at your life and may see it completely different from you. It’s the same life, yes, but the point of view differs.

Now, what if you tried incorporating some of the ideas that others have regarding your life? What if you applied the things that someone sees differently than you? Most importantly — what if these new ideas skew your perspective? This is how change happens.

Consider this:

You have a freshly picked, bright red tomato.

You decide you want to slice and eat it.

However, your friend suggests making salsa.

You love salsa! So, why didn’t you think of that?

You are ultimately in charge of your own life (tomato). But, that does not mean that your perspective is the best. Allow others to share their ideas and be open to listening. You may find a new way of doing things, you may find a better way of doing things, or you may find that your perspective is the best for you.


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