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Love Yourself: How Taking Care of Yourself Can Help You Succeed

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Love Yourself: How Taking Care of Yourself Can Help You Succeed

In a world that tells you “to do” and “to be” and “to accomplish”, it can be very difficult to focus on what is truly important, you. You are a human being first and foremost and whether you one day become rich and famous because of your accomplishments; or whether you do well in life, but nobody notices, you as an individual is what is important.   Yes, there are things in life your parents and those around you expect you to do, and in life we all have our tasks to complete. But your worth should not just be tied up in great grades. YOU are what is important and in order to accomplish great things you need to take care of YOU.


I’m not going to tell you to take a breath here. I’m going to ask you to take notice of how you are breathing right now.  You are probably taking short breaths as you read this and that is probably what you do all day.   Your body was meant to take deep inhalation and exhalation all day.  Oxygen feeds every cell in your body, including those in your brain.  When you don’t give your cells the full amount of oxygen it needs you are starving your brain, and how do you think that’s going to work for you in terms of your studies. On top of that carbon dioxide basically suffocates cells, so breath out deeply so that you are not strangling your brain cells!


You don’t have to go to the gym and lift 100 pounds or jog 10 miles a day to get exercise.  Those are good goals for some, but you certainly do not have to go down this path at all.  The main emphasis should be on getting your heart rate going. As a student you are going to sit around a lot – in the lecture theatre, in the exam hall, in the lunch room.  The human body was meant for movement, and an active body is a healthy body.  A 20-minute walk is an excellent way to recharge, fight fat, get your blood moving, and change your mood and mindset to one of positivity.  So, be good to your body and give it the movement that it needs

Praise Yourself

Whenever you are done with a task, big or small, give yourself some praise.  Some people will do things like have a picture on the wall of a hand, and then hi-five it when they have accomplished something.  Another way to praise yourself is to put it on Instagram or Twitter.  Depending upon who you are, you probably put your whole life on social media anyway, so why not tell the world about how hard it was to get that assignment done and how happy you are to have it over with.  People are going to naturally, “like” and comment on your message, and that will give you some extra praise and encouragement.

Take a Break

You are not a machine! Your body needs a rest, not just the rest that comes from sleep, but a chance to slow your mind and body down so that it can have a break.  Even the most finely tuned machines will overheat and break down if they are not given a rest.  The human body is the most uniquely and best built “machine”, but it needs a break every so often.   A break for a healthy snack or simply to take a few deep breaths can make all the difference.  Sleep is so very important.  Get at least 7 hours a night, 8 is better, and you will have more energy to take on the challenges of the day.

Take care of your mind and body, and they will take care of you.  A healthy mind and body will help you with your studies. Treating yourself well is the best way to love yourself.

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