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Make the Most of Rainy Days

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It is Springtime and April Showers are a predictable reality.  A winter of cold weather that hampers the ability to enjoy outside turns to additional days locked up indoors due to rain.  You may have Spring Fever and want to get out, but days outside and good weather are still a fair bit away.  However, rainy weather can be a good thing for your studies.

Face Reality
Unless you are a person that loves dancing in the rain, you won’t be going outside anyway.  Face the reality that rainy weather will be a reality. Acknowledge that rainy weather may be a “downer” but you don’t have to waste time sulking; that rain will soon make everything bloom.

Buckle Down
Since you are inside anyway, put in some extra time for study. Your Getting Into The Ivys tutor may have given you some optional readings or assignments, now would be a good time to do them so you can master your subjects.  Depending on what your study space looks like, now may also be a time to reorganize that space and make sure it is clutter free and conducive to studying.

Being caught inside means you can read ahead in your coursework.   Whatever your weakest subject is, give it more attention.  Even if you are getting high marks in all your subjects, you could use this time to prepare for exams well in advance.  If you give yourself focused attention on studying, you will be thankful for it come exam time.

Get Ready for Sunshine
You probably have a whole list of things you like to do.  Envision doing your favorite things outside and when that sun and temperate weather arrive go outside and enjoy yourself!  If you have buckled down, studied hard, and finished projects then you deserve some fun outside.  Plus, sunshine is good for you. Sunshine stimulates vitamin D absorption in your body and elevates your mood.  If you procrastinate and don’t take advantage of rainy weather, then that list of things you must do will still be there and when that sunshine sneaks up on you (because it will inevitably come) you will wish that you had buckled down when you see the sun shining outside while you are stuck inside.

Accountability Partner
Many high achievers use an accountability partner.  In your case, it may be your tutor, a family member, or friend but an accountability partner scenario is where you hold yourself accountable to do a certain amount of work for a set period.  For example, you could call or email your accountability partner and say “For the next hour I will do ___________(read 2 chapters of biology)”. After that hour your accountability partner may check in and ask if you followed through or you might be the one to check in and say: “I completed that chapter”.   Some accountability partners check in hourly, some check in at morning time, and then later on in the afternoon.  Whatever works for you is fine, the idea is that you are holding yourself accountable to put in work and obtain a certain amount of results which helps you be more productive.

Do you need other suggestions for focusing and making the most of inclement weather or when you are “not in the mood”?  Our certified teachers have over a combined 1000 years of educational instructional experience.  Your tutor would love to give you suggestions on how to make the most of inclement weather and other educational strategies for success. Your hard work now will pay off later and we are thrilled to be a part of your academic achievements today that will lead to your future college and career success.


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