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The Most Productive Way to Spend Your Spring Break

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Spring Break is the time to change things up with a change of pace and give your mind and body a break from the regular grind of study. Students have different ways of spending Spring Break but the most productive way to spend your break is to have a plan.  Whether that plan is for lots of relaxation, catching up on readings, or turning in assignments early, a good plan will help you use the extra 8 hours a day to your advantage.

Keep On Rolling
At the beginning of your break, since your brain is still in “school mode”, take advantage of it.  Put what you have to get done and the corresponding deadlines on a calendar and make a schedule.  If there is any extra (or late) readings that you have meant to “get to” then do them at the beginning of the week.  We will talk about some other “must-do’s” below, but to be productive, get the important and the hard things out of the way first and then relax.  It will feel so much better to have your to-do list done, so that your relaxing time is, in fact, relaxing.

Recharge With Sleep and Nutrition
Your body needs rest.  Hopefully you have been sleeping 8 hours a night, but if you have not, then Spring Break is a good time to make sure that you get 8 hours of sleep a night and perhaps a little more.  If you binge-watch your favorite shows, save it for later in the week and binge-watch during the day.  And while you are at it, choose healthy snacks instead of big bags of popcorn, and potato chips to munch on while watching those shows.   Let your parents know you want to avoid junk food during your break and we are sure they will be happy to hear this and will, indeed, encourage you on your quest.

If you have a hobby that you have not done since September, now would be a good time to do it.  Those things that interest you recharge you and can help you relax.  Planning to do something you like will go a long way.

Book Extra Volunteer Hours
Many colleges and universities not only look at your resume to see that you are volunteering but, they also want to know how many hours you have put in.  A full day or two of volunteering during your spring break could help rack up those hours more quickly.  If you typically volunteer 3 hours per week, using two 8-hour days during your break for volunteering is almost like putting in over one month’s worth of hours.  Whether, it’s an extra 8, 16 or maybe even more, having a plan to get ahead with volunteer hours will help put you ahead in the long-run.

Whatever you decide to do with your spring break, start with a plan. Get the important things out of the way and then relax.  Think about what would work best for you. For instance, your break could be half work and half rest, or you may be super ambitious and pack in a lot of studying or volunteer work, and only rest an extra couple of days. As long as you get the rest that you personally need, and you are ready to take on the rest of the school year, then that’s the important thing.  So, “PLAN” to have a great Spring Break!

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