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Peace and Relaxation – When preparing for your SATs

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There is no escaping the SATs they are coming and like the train that keeps heading down the track towards you…they are coming faster and faster.  Your heart pumps loudly, your brain starts going a mile a minute but does that stop the train from running?  Does it help you prepare?  Does it do any good at all? Not really, although on exam day a rush of adrenaline may help keep you super-focused.

When you worry you are creating negative energy. Negative thinking about how hard the exam will be or how well you will perform doesn’t help you prepare or write an exam unless those worries drive you to study a little bit harder and longer with a good strategy.

Try this for a strategy…RELAX.   No, we are not saying kick back and not prepare; but the exact opposite, study, work hard and relax knowing that your hard work and efforts will have you prepared for your SAT examination. Worry is like a hamster on a wheel: it may make the wheel spin fast, but it gets the hamster nowhere!  Picture that whenever you start to worry.  Instead of constantly worrying, you need peace and you need relaxation to give your mind a rest. So, put aside the worrying and relax.

Try this exercise.  It may seem counter-intuitive but instead of worrying about your exam, think about your exam and you actually taking it.  It’s exam day, you have studied millions, ok not millions but scores, if not hundreds of hours for the exam. You’ve eaten your favorite breakfast that includes both protein and carbs so that your body and brain have what it needs.  You arrive at the exam hall a half hour early, so there is no rushing or fears around having the exam door close on you.  You go into the room and when the proctor says begin, you put your name at the top of the paper. And in pencil at the top of each page of the exam book, you write “breathe” to remind yourself to breathe so that your brain gets oxygen.  You answer one question at a time and if you get stuck, you leave it and move on to the next question, and then come back to the skipped over questions.  At the end of your exam when you hand it in, the proctor smiles at you and you tell yourself as you walk out the door “that wasn’t so bad!”

You deserve peace and relaxation. And although the SATS are important, your mind and body need a break.  Know that as you prepare, your GITI tutor is guiding you and paying attention to what is necessary for you to succeed.  Keep doing the right things like: regular reviews, eating well, sleeping well and yes setting time apart for fun, and you will be prepared.   If you “do right” it will turn out all right.  Relax and know that when you have a good strategy, work hard, and are well-prepared, your SATs exam results will reflect it. So please be sure to not exchange peace and relaxation for that evil hamster on a wheel called worry. As always…Yours in Academics!

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