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Plan Those College Tours Now!

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You have probably thought about college countless times, the place that gets you one step closer to your career goals, the place where you have freedom to be a young adult, make new friends try new things and learn subjects that are applicable to your future career.  But have you actually been on a college campus? You have probably thought about what your top 3 schools are, but have you thought about what those campuses look like?  Have you thought about what life on those campuses is really like? Shouldn’t college be more than just an idea in your head?   Now is a great time to start planning your college tours and here are some advantages to doing it now.

See What the Campus Looks Like
You may have a preferred school in mind but not knowing what the campus actually looks like can turn into a shock when you get there.  You may live in a small town, but what happens when you get to a campus that has 40,000 students on it hustling and bustling between classes?  Will that excite you or scare you?  What if your favorite school has a great reputation as one of the older Ivy Leagues but when you get there the buildings are all ultra-modern and you were hoping to go to school in buildings that famous alumni went to?  Or, what if the buildings that house your major are at the far end of the campus and near noisy train tracks?  These are things you just won’t know until you see them for yourself.

You Can Talk with Other Students
School websites and brochures are one thing; however, having a conversation with students who attend the school you visit is another.  Most students whether they are official tour guides or people you meet while visiting the campus, will be honest about their opinions and the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can ask them upfront questions that you might not want to ask an admission’s counselor. You can get more personal, detailed answers; and depending on your tour guide you may have an hour, or even a whole day to ask those questions.  Besides, who knows when you choose that school you may have gained a new friend.

Meet Professors/Representatives from Your Future Department
Similar to meeting students on the campuses, talking to your potential professors can give you the “real deal” about what happens in course work and in class. The professionals at schools love their area of academia and will likely be thrilled to answer your questions, after all it’s their favorite subject.  A brochure is only going to have so many details, but that personal input from a department representative or professor can give you some real insight that can help make your decision of what school to attend that much easier.

Your college career is not too far away.  Life will always involve planning and being ahead of the curve; and getting a jump on college tours is no exception.  Plan your college tours now so that you can see the campuses of your top choices.  Seeing your top campus choices may inspire you even more as you work hard to successfully finish high school. Colleges will do everything that they can to make you feel welcome, but you need to get there first.  Book your college tours today, they are fun informative and bring a quick look into what your future may hold!

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