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Plan Your Most Productive Summer

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When students think of summer they most likely think of two things: “Fun in the Sun” and “Freedom!”.  It is perfectly natural to want to get out in the sunshine, enjoy great weather and not have the constraints of being inside all day. At the same time, summer is a great time to be productive while still having fun.  Your educational goals still should not take a back seat, so here are some tips to plan your most productive summer yet with both fun and learning activities:


  1. Slay the Big Dragons

Even the brightest students have a subject that they find the most difficult. The summer months are a good time to tackle and master those difficult subjects.  You and your tutor would know where you have the most challenges. Use part of one of your tutoring sessions, or book a special session, to discuss a plan for conquering one or two tough subjects during the summer.  Given that you won’t have deadlines for assignments and tests from a teacher, a creative study plan could be used. For example, there may be videos to watch on the subject matter, or books that are not “dull” textbooks but written in a fun, informative style (with a little searching you may be able to find books that are written as a comic book or as a graphical novel style which makes concepts more fun to read and retain. It may be that your tutor could come up with a plan to read a certain amount of chapters per week, with small quizzes that are not as daunting as the exams you had in the school year. The main idea is to come up with a plan that allows you to strengthen what you know; and be prepared for the next school year by concentrating on one or two tough subjects and breaking them into small, manageable information chunks.


  1. Plan a Family Meeting

It may seem a little old-fashioned, but a sit-down with your family could make your summer go more smoothly.  All too often people living in the same house may not know what other family members are doing. Talk with your parents and discuss what your goals are for the summer in terms of the time required for a summer job, volunteering, learning, or relaxation time.  Your parents may or may not have shared information about if, and when, they plan to go on vacation. If you don’t know it could interfere with plans you may have with friends, or you may have to schedule work or study around the annual family trip.

A family meeting is a great way to exercise and develop group communication and cooperation skills to discuss what you as a student, sibling, child, and contributing member of the family, needs.  Call a meeting, have your calendar ready and talk about schedules, plans, and goals.  Working out these details could save aggravation later and make the summer go a lot more smoothly.


  1. Plan to Give Your Body a Break

For most students, summertime is a chance to indulge in extra sleep and extra fun. We would say do both but do it the smart way. When it comes to sleep, do not stay up to 3 a.m. binge watching TV and then sleep until noon. Extra sleep is a good thing, but a vampire schedule will eat up much of the day when you could be outside soaking up sunshine rays and helping your body produce vitamin D.  One common factor that many successful people report, is that they go to bed the same time every night.  Now, you don’t have to keep the exact schedule that you did during the school year but staying up an extra hour, and sleeping in an extra hour, could give you a nice balance of indulging in more time for fun as well as getting the sleep that your body craves and needs.  If you are getting up in the morning instead of the afternoon, you will still have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors, read, study, and enjoy your summertime.

Learning should be a lifelong journey. When you still have formal education ahead of you, the summer is a time for setting and establishing priorities, figuring out what’s realistic and then setting some goals for yourself. You don’t have to schedule every waking moment of your summer, but if you plan ahead you can make the most of your time off. When it is time to go back to school, if you have scheduled study time, fun time, and time to recharge you will be primed and ready for a good academic year 2018-2019. The right balance of learning and fun will help you have a productive summer. Enjoy!

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