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Re-evaluating Your Productivity in School this Year

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The end of the year is the perfect time to re-evaluate how you have been doing in school thus far. In fact, you can spend time reviewing your year to see where you have succeeded, where you have failed, and where you could use more focus. You are the only one who can oversee your productivity, so it is up to you to make sure you are efficient and effective in your studies.

Where you have succeeded

It is important to note where you are succeeding in school. Why? Because that can help you determine what you may be doing right in your studies. For instance, perhaps you spend more time on one subject than another. Or maybe you have a different study method for each class.

Make a list of your triumphs and what you did to reach them. Then, consider spreading this method across the board to other classes.

Where you have struggled

Struggles may stand out more easily, as these are usually the classes you don’t feel as good about. Whether it is a more difficult subject or one you are just not as interested in, your grade and production level can signal this. Reflect on the way you treated these classes and see where you may have missed the mark.

Was there something additional you could have done? Did you spend a fair amount of time on these subjects? What can you do differently?

Evaluating your productivity is one of the best ways to be successful when looking ahead.

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