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Are you preparing for the SAT or ACT exams? Are you confused and have a lot of questions in mind. Let me tell you one thing, a challenging task always seems impossible until it is done! The achievers were once the beginners. In the process of test prep have you ever noticed, people look up for inspiration, down in desperation, and left and right for information. That is why we have come up with these tips for your college entrance test. Now, there’s no need to look up anywhere for the right information; just follow these practical strategies and enjoy your test prep success!

Tip #1 Believe In Yourself – In order to achieve success one must first believe that “Yes I Can!” A great man once said it, so…truly believe you can and you are halfway there.

Tip #2 Look For Contrast Words – Read the questions carefully and try to get the right meaning, don’t get trapped. Look for contrast words [aka conjunctions and connectors] like rather, however, instead, therefore, consequently; and, but, or, etc. Such words can flip a discussion around completely.

Tip #3 Pay Attention to Your Mistakes – Always pay attention to the mistakes you are making during your test prep sessions; and try to rectify them. Be mindful of your time management for both long and short questions; and also be careful not to waste too much time on a question you are not sure about. Leave it and move on to those you can confidently answer. If there is time, go back to the more difficult questions at the end.

Tip #4 Skim and Scan the Passage – Answer the easier questions first. Read the passage in full. Be active – underline important words/phrases and make notes whilst you are reading. Remember “it’s mind over matter”, so develop an interest in each passage, this will help you engage and retain more details. Never miss out the introductory part of any passage. This part often contains valuable information.

Tip #5 Push Yourself – Push yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you. Try answering the questions before you peep at the answer choices: this helps falling into the “subconscious answer trap”!

Tip #6 Memorize formulas, and grammar and punctuation rules – Swat up on all of the formulas and the necessary grammar and punctuation principles you need to learn for the SAT/ACT. This way you can save time in the exam, feel more confident, and certainly less stressed too.

Tip #7 Night Before – Last minute cramming does NOT work; creates anxiety; and, in general, leads to a poor/or less than optimal performance – every single time. It simply is not a good strategy at all. In fact, the night before your SAT or ACT exam, have a proper dinner and get a good night’s sleep to relax your mind and body. A relaxed, well-nourished brain performs well; and sleep is the golden chain that binds health, body, and mind together.

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