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  • Work One-on-One With Guidance Counselors and Former College Admissions Counselors from Highly Selective Schools
    Get insider information. Understand the admissions process from the inside out.
  • Step -by-Step Detailed Scholarship Application Approach Proven to Deliver Results
    No confusion. Systematic approach that is organized and succinct.
  • Detailed Power Plan of Action
    Step-by-step approach. Clear to understand. No confusion. No time wasting.
  • Evaluation of School Transcripts
    To support development of your chosen college avatar.
  • Evaluation of Past SAT or ACT Test Scores, If Applicable
    Understand your starting point and where you need to get to. Will help you focus your efforts where needed.
  • Support Options
    Help and advice whenever you need it. You never have to struggle through alone, we are with you every step of the way.
  • Scholarship Advisory Based On Your Academic Profile and Personal Achievements
    Avoid the student loan trap which will negatively impact your financial future. Avoid having to work continuously through college just to survive. Be able to enjoy the college experience without stressing out over money.
  • Assistance Applying for Financial Aid, Merit -Based (Portable) Scholarships to Get Maximum Amount of Aid and Additional Funding Possible. Highly Accessible Scholarships.
    No student loan. Parent saving their 401K and other investments.
    Put in place for our client's peace of mind. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.
    We understand the busy weekly schedule, activities, and commitments of most high school students. We ensure our tutoring and life coaching sessions are timetabled to fit the convenience of our busy student clients.
    In-person options take place either at our client's home or at a nearby public library. Online options take place via Zoom video conferencing technology.
    Purchases of all of our goods and services are done via PayPal or Stripe. Two of the most powerful and secure payment processing portals.
    Chelsea International Education LLC, partial payment options are available. In addition, PayPal credit is available for qualifying clients.

We Provide College Scholarship Help

You can get money for college!

You can get free money for college!

There is a scholarship out there with your name on it – you just have to find it!

How many times have you heard these statements? You know there is money out there, but trying to find it can be hard and overwhelming. You may not know where to turn, where to look, or even who to ask for college scholarship help!

Many students get stuck in a debt-ridden rut before they even finish college. Not knowing which way to turn for financial assistance, many students take out student loans to pay for their college education. Unfortunately, before you know it, these loans can stack up! Once you have finished college and get drafted into a loan repayment cycle, you are already drowning in debt before your real adult life has even begun!

Other students spend their time working hour after hour, hoping to earn just enough money to pay for their college tuition. College is not cheap – between tuition, books, supplies, room and board – it can be hard to work enough hours to pay the fees, and then still have enough time to attend classes and study. This is no way to get through your college years.

It is important that you know there are other options to pay for your college education than taking out student loans, or working endless hours just to pay for classes.

Scholarships are available, if you seek in the right places. The college admissions team at Getting Into The Ivy’s can guide you in your search for college scholarships, based on your academic profile, your extracurricular activities, your personal achievements, and your future career goals. We will work with you through the college scholarship application process and help you gain access to the deep pool of college scholarships readily available.

At Getting Into The Ivy’s we have three College Scholarship program levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Each one designed to cater to your personal College Scholarship needs.

Contact Us Today at: (855) 847 8881. We Look Forward To Assisting You!

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