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School is Out: More Time for Test Prep!

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The school year is over, you have graduated high school…Yippee! Now, you are looking forward to the fun and freedom of college. But, wait! Hold on to your hat! Even though college offers more freedom, it’s a lot different from high school in many ways, including those intense college exams. Those beasts are really something to be reckoned with. In life you should always be learning, and one thing you should learn, know, and truly understand is that “the art of preparation” is, more often than not, the key to success.  The summer holidays are the perfect time to start preparing for your new world of college exams. So, now that school is out, it’s time for more test prep.


Get Ready For Very Different Examinations

With dozens, hundreds, or even a couple of thousands of exams to review, most of your college exams (and mini tests) will be multiple choice where you fill in computer “bubble sheets” with the answers.  Usually there are 4 or 5 answers to choose from, but that does not mean the choice will be easy.  You need to pick the most correct answer which can be difficult to do.  The choices you are given may have two answers that are correct, but you have to think which one is the best.  At Getting Into The Ivys, our tutors will have taught you to think analytically and critically and during these kinds of tests, you will need to put that to use.  For the summer months, ask your tutor to provide you with practice tests that mimic what you will be doing in college.


Set Aside Time for Preparation

It’s up to you to decide how to prepare, but it is best that you sit down with your tutor and come up with a game plan.  It may be that you set aside two hours every Monday morning for the summer to study, do practice exams, and to review your progress. For some, it may be just one hour a week.  The important thing is that you set the time aside and commit to investing in your future, by doing study and test prep. As certified professional teachers and professors, your Getting Into The Ivys tutor can tell you exactly how tough it can be for new college students and will probably be able to tell you numerous stories of very bright students who have struggled in college because they were not prepared enough. Setting time aside and following through is critical.  Yes, the sun may be shining outside and tempting, but a little bit of regular preparation can go a long way and there will still be plenty of hours of sun to enjoy when you are done.


Give Your Brain Water and Good Food

It can be tempting to want to “flop” for the summer, eat a bunch of junk food, and load up at family barbeques, but your brain needs good food to function well.  That does not mean you can’t have fun and have treats, but do not turn the summer into an excuse to be totally undisciplined and slip into mediocrity.  Your brain is 80% water and in the summer it is even more important to hydrate.  Your brain and body need water and good nutrition. We always emphasize a holistic approach here at Getting Into The Ivys so we want you to know we encourage you to have lots of fun in the sun and enjoy yourself, but we also want you to take good care of yourself as well.

As you read this blog, you are either 17 or 18 and this is your last summer as a “kid”.  Enjoy it! At the same time, understand that in life you will always be preparing for something and in the world of academia being prepared is your secret weapon for success. So, be proactive and sit down with your tutor to make a plan for college examinations and tests; and in your first semester and beyond you will be glad that you did.

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