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Self-Assessment: What Have You Done Lately?

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It is always a good, positive step to schedule a self-assessment into your schedule every so often. This gives you an opportunity to take some time to reflect on what you have done, what you are doing, where you are going, etc. A true self-assessment starts with you being honest with yourself.

Let’s face it – you have a lot going on these days. You likely have a full load in school, extracurricular activities, and social events that you don’t want to miss. But, that doesn’t mean you can let your future just fall to the wayside. And, to get there, you have much prep work to do.

This is your reminder to stop what you are doing and assess where you are on your journey into college. In fact – what have you done lately? Consider these.

  • Have you been working hard to maintain your GPA?
  • Have you reviewed colleges and determined which would be the best overall fit for you?
  • Have you started preparing for your ACT or SAT exams? These are tests that you must allow time to prepare for.
  • Have you started working on your college applications?
  • Have you considered potential scholarships?
  • Have you sought tutoring or coaching to help you through this process?

Getting into a good college or university takes time and planning. Don’t slack or you may find yourself unprepared and frustrated. After considering the answers to these questions and others you may have for yourself, get to work! Don’t let this self-assessment go to waste.

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