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Spring Training – Fall Winning

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Remaining focused during Spring can be difficult. The weather is better for getting outside and having fun, and Summer is not far away which can mean a lot of extra free time or at minimum a change of pace from what you have been doing for the last several months with the routine of school.  But just like baseball players in the major leagues, Springtime Training = Fall Winning.  In other words, what you do now can prepare you for later.

If you are graduating this year, congratulations! You have an exciting career in college or university ahead. You will be in the big leagues and trust me when I say, you must be prepared for this transition.  I know you are intelligent and have worked hard but you will be entering a new realm, so working hard now is really important and you will be grateful that you put in the hard work now to better able to do your higher learning studies when Autumn rolls around (after all, it will be here before you know it).

If this is NOT your graduation year, the same principle applies: you will be stretching yourself with new and expanded concepts. Getting a solid grip today will help you tomorrow.

Spring Fever can make it easy to procrastinate or get distracted but; there is no short cut to success.  As the famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said: “The elevator to success is not running; you must climb the stairs.”

Tutors can help n-fold with your Spring Training.  Tutors are coaches who have seen it all and know how to get the very best out of a student the same way a major league coach or trainer does.  They know how to harness the nervous energy that Spring Fever brings, and they also know how to keep encouraging you as you work to meet the goals for the end of the school year.

We have been helping students to get into their college and university of choice for years. At Getting Into The Ivys, we are proud of all our students and pleased to see many go on to have great careers in politics, medicine or law, and many other fields.

Your success is our success and we want to see you excel. We have a lot of resources and certified teachers and professors who are ready, willing and able to help.  If you need any extra assistance in making your academic Spring Training count, then please let your tutor know and check the Getting Into The Ivys website frequently for extra tips.  Taking action today will mean greater wins for you later on.


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