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Springtime Blossom: Where To Find Time For Homework

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As your children get older, and become high schoolers, you might find that there is not enough time in the day to complete homework. In fact, high schoolers – especially those in grade 11 and 12 – tend to experience a significant among of stress and anxiety when they realize that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish the myriad of assignments and activities that they have signed up for; let alone SAT or ACT test preparation, college searches, and the college admissions process. Yikes!

Here are some springtime secrets to finding the time for homework (and other stuff):

Find local, quiet and calm places where your teen can get some reading done. Doing homework and assignments at home is great; but sometimes cabin fever can set in. So, it is always advisable to have an arsenal of other locations that your teen can go to focus their mind on their high school assignments and homework. The local library is an obvious location; but you may also be able to find a quiet spot in a local mall, coffee shop, or park. Just check around your neighborhood for study location ideas; especially now that springtime is here.

Encourage your teen to take their homework with them wherever they go. They never know when they might have fifteen minutes at the doctor’s office to write down the answers to homework questions or read that last chapter.

Swap chore times with younger siblings. Since, your teen may have to get homework done during the week for their class, they may not have a lot of time during the week, but a lot more on the weekend. It may be possible to get a younger sibling to do their chores for a few hours during the week and then your teen can do their younger sibling’s chores at the weekend. This gives your teen a few study hours in the evening and allows him or her to complete their homework. This is a great solution for siblings who are in different school settings, for instance, middle school versus high school.

Sibling assistance is a great solution to finding time for your teen’s homework; and, of course, bribery (such as dropping a few pennies in the piggy bank) always works well!

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