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How a Stellar SAT Score Translates to a FREE US College Education

How a Stellar SAT Score Translates to a FREE US College Education

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While the benefits of an American college education are paramount, it definitely doesn’t come cheap. According to the latest research from student support organization College Board, the average cost of 2014/15 tuition fees at state colleges was an average of US$9,139 for state residents, and $22,958 for international students. For private non-profit colleges, the average soared to a huge $31,231.

How to get around the extortionate US college fees?

For most American families, these prices are simply unattainable. Which means students often leave college with weighty debts. That said, there is a way to graduate 100% debt free. If you ace your SAT exam, you could score yourself a zero cost college education in recognition of your high achievement. Places are coveted, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With drive, determination and a hard hitting study strategy on your side, you too could earn yourself a FREE US college degree.

US mom uncovers the secret to FREE college education

Home-schooling mother and creator of the revolutionary College Prep Genius curriculum Jean Burk is one seriously experienced lady when it comes to passing SAT exams with flying colors. And, she just happens to be one of our VIP guest speakers set to take to the stage to share her expertise at the New SAT Global Telesummit.

As a single income family, Jean and her husband simply couldn’t afford to send their kids to college. So when she found out that exceptional SAT and PSAT scores unlocked incredible scholarships, she set to work researching how to prepare her children for the exam. more critical thinking exams than IQ tests, Jean discovered that the art of acing SATs and PSATs could be taught! Both of her children went on to receive full scholarships, which translates to a US college education, minus the financial burden.

What scholarships could you score?

So what scholarships could you or your child score by achieving a stellar SAT? A guaranteed path to success are automatic scholarships for National Merit. Depending on the school, you can secure anything from significant funding to a full scholarship. Basically, the higher your score, the higher your merit funding.

For more information on how to sit a SAT exam that will get you places, don’t miss our incredible line-up of speakers set to share their first hand tips, tricks and techniques from Feb 15 – 17. As well as Jean Burk, we’ve also got 14 other fantastic individuals, including Susan Alaimo, Rob Schombs, Chris Lele and more!


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