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Summer Jobs: Work or Not to Work?

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Now, that truly IS the question!

With summer around the corner, students are thinking about wrapping up the school year and getting ready to have some summer fun.  Summer fun comes with a price tag, however. A day at an amusement park can cost a small fortune, a weekend of camping (even if you already have most of the supplies) can add up pretty quickly.  With summer fun costs, and the thought of upcoming college expenses, if your child is graduating, your child may be pondering whether to get a summer job or not.

You have chose Getting Into The Ivys because we focus on the tutoring, planning, and exam preparations that are required to get into college or university.   Our tutors have the same goal you have and that is to see your student get into the college or university of their choice and we know it takes time, effort, dedication, determination, and sacrifice. A summer job could be seen as taking away from that time and effort that could be used to help your child: to “switch gears”; to take a break; or, to be studying.  Below the pros and the cons are weighed up to help you and your child, make an informed decision:


Pros of a Summer Job

Summer jobs provide a source of income for saving and discretionary spending.  If your student has a summer job, the real-life income could be an opportunity for real life learning on how to manage money. After all, the earlier in life a child learns the value and proper handling of money the better.

Summer jobs teach responsibility and how to follow instructions and fulfill the expectations of an employer and customers.

Summer jobs can clarify career direction.  A summer job working over a hot fryer machine or as a camp counselor listening to screaming kids may well solidify to your child what they do NOT want to do career-wise. At the same time, if your child is lucky enough to get a great job working in the environment that they hope to work in for the future, it could potentially whet their appetite and motivate them for success.

Moreover, your child’s summertime employer could become a reference that helps them get into school and possibly later in life be a reference for their first job in their career after graduating from college or university.

A summer job can keep your child from being idle and potentially getting into trouble over the long, lazy summer months.  Even if your child is an angel without wings, too much time on their hands can lead to loafing, weight gain, and opportunities to “hang out” and simply get themselves into unnecessary trouble.


Cons of a Summer Job

A summer job takes away time from students who need the summer for extra academic work and practice exams.

A teen who sacrificed time and fun all school year may miss out on extracurricular fun during the summer if they are busy working the entire summer. Let’s face it, a break is not really a break if they are just as busy in the summer as in the school year.

A summer job leaves less parent-child time.  Most parents take their vacations during the summer. If you are taking some time for much needed R & R it may be difficult to have some quality time with your child if they are working hard at their summer job.

A job is stressful.  Your child has stress already. Depending upon their temperament and personality adding a job could be stress overload. You will need to consider if that kind of stress is worthwhile?

Many summer jobs have very long, and very late hours which would not allow your child to rest and be refreshed for the new school year. As we know, teens crave and need sleep, and the summer is the perfect time for them to catch up on that sleep, that helps their brains neurons connect; and, also, helps to spark the summer growth spurts for which teens are famous.

When all is said and done, whatever you decide, be sure to include structured learning and studying during the summer months. If you decide a summer job is right for your child – Great!

A summer job has many benefits; but continued tutoring sessions with your child’s tutor will help them maintain the academic progress they have made in the previous school year and, as such, summer tutoring should not be neglected.  If you decide that your child will not be working over the entire summer, then they will have plenty of time to have regular scheduled tutoring sessions, reading time, and exam practice. Your Getting Into The Ivys tutors will gladly help make sure your child’s summer months are both fun and productive; helping them get into a great college or university come fall.


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