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Summertime Rejuvenation

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What’s the opposite of school-time burnout? Summer rejuvenation! With a long academic year behind you, and with plenty more hard work ahead in the next school year, your summer break is a chance to renew, refuel and recharge. Sound good? Follow our five steps to achieve summer rejuvenation bliss!

  1. Tell yourself that it’s ok to take time out from studying and working

After 3 semesters of back-to-back exam prep, college applications and essay writing, it might feel like you have to keep go, go, going all the time. But you don’t have to! In fact, if you don’t take proper time to wind down and step away from your studies, you could start experiencing exhaustion, overwhelming emotions, and other detrimental symptoms which could actually hold you back. You need rest and recuperation so your body and brain can be at their best. Yes, studying is extremely important and it’s great that you are so dedicated to your work. But so is the counter balance. Allow yourself a break and make the most of it.

  1. Find an activity or technique that makes you happy

So, what can you do to reach summer rejuvenation? Rest can involve both relaxing the mind and the body, so there are a couple of different things you could try. Go for mediation, breathing exercises or yoga if you want to get in touch with your spiritual side. There are lots of apps nowadays if you want to try personal practice or look for classes in your local area. To rejuvenate the body, you might find that taking long walks, taking part in sports or simply stretching can be helpful ways to make your body feel comfortable and uplifted. Of course, if you do lots of physical exertion, make sure to rest your body properly afterwards!

  1. Enjoy your summer

Once you’ve found something fun and relaxing to do… enjoy it! You’ll probably learn new things about yourself and learn to have a proper appreciation for study-life balance by really focusing on making the most of your summer. You might even meet some new people, learn a new skill or achieve something you’ve always wanted to. So, have fun!

  1. Don’t forget about your studies

All that yoga and self-reflection will probably feel great. And like we said, you certainly do deserve some time off. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon your studies altogether. Continue to flex your mind muscles by doing small bursts of study throughout the summer – little and often is the way to go. Book some sessions with your Getting Into the Ivys tutor to work out the best summer study plan – one which finds the right balance between study and rest.

  1. Use your summertime rejuvenation techniques all year round

If you find something you love to do this summer, why not continue doing it all year round? If it works for you, then keep it up! It’s easy to do a quick 5-minute breathing session during study breaks and a weekly Tai-Chi class can be great at any time of year. It’s all about finding what makes you happy and energized and using that technique to achieve the best results possible.

Goodbye stress and over-exertion. Hello summer revival and restoration!

Summer Rejuvenation = A Better You!

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