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Summertime Rejuvenation

What’s the opposite of school-time burnout? Summer rejuvenation! With a long academic year behind you, and with plenty more hard work ahead in the next school year, your summer break is a chance to renew, refuel and recharge. Sound good? Follow our five steps to achieve summer rejuvenation bliss! Tell yourself that it’s ok to […]

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School is Out: More Time for Test Prep!

The school year is over, you have graduated high school…Yippee! Now, you are looking forward to the fun and freedom of college. But, wait! Hold on to your hat! Even though college offers more freedom, it’s a lot different from high school in many ways, including those intense college exams. Those beasts are really something […]

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How to Raise a Slumping GPA

If you look at the calendar the end of this school year is just weeks away. Yikes!!  That means you only have weeks, not months to get the GPA that you need to get into your favorite school.  With just weeks to go, is it even possible to get the GPA that you hoped for?  […]

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Make the Most of Rainy Days

It is Springtime and April Showers are a predictable reality.  A winter of cold weather that hampers the ability to enjoy outside turns to additional days locked up indoors due to rain.  You may have Spring Fever and want to get out, but days outside and good weather are still a fair bit away.  However, […]

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Back to School: Time to Focus

Although Spring Break is needed to have a break and refresh, getting back into a rhythm can be a challenge. Focus and concentration are important at all times of the year but refocusing now is important as your student is in the home stretch for the academic year! Your tutor can help your student get […]

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Kick Your Test Prep Into High Gear With These Tips

Map Out Your Strategy There is nothing better than a good, solid plan. Take out your calendar and look at your curriculum as well as all of your “must-dos”, like: SAT prep, family events, work commitments, etc. and fill in your calendar.  One way is to work backwards from key due dates.  For example, if […]

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