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Deborah M., ACT Tutor

Dr. Michelle devoted 10 or so hours a week for three weeks straight to working one-on- one with my daughter, a senior in high school who was taking her ACT for the second time. Initially, I had my doubts about online tutoring but after a preliminary session with my daughter which I oversaw, I concluded that online tutoring would likely work well for her. Throughout the three-week period, I encountered no resistance from my daughter when it was time to log in for a tutoring session. She really seemed to enjoy working with Dr. Michelle and gave her undivided attention. They developed a rapport quickly, which given the lack of face-to- face contact, surprised me. I’ll close by saying that Dr. Michelle is very compassionate and has a strong desire to see her students succeed, so much so that she worked with my daughter daily during the Christmas holiday, the only exception being Christmas Day. Yes, she even tutored on Christmas Eve, two sessions on New Year’s Eve and two sessions on New Year’s Day. I consider that extraordinary. I highly recommend Chelsea International and Dr. Michelle for college admissions test tutoring. My daughter would as well.