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Jacek J., Reading and Writing Tutoring

To all parents that looking for help for their children!!! I would like to share my experience with Chelsea International and the Chelsea tutors. Before I decided to contact Chelsea International I was very frustrated. It is very hard to find competent tutor. Time of meetings and distance to travel are also factors. In frustration I’ve extended my search to see if there is any one that can help. When I contacted Chelsea for the first time my conversation with them was for almost an hour. They wanted to know what kind of difficulties my son had, his grades, and behavior. Based on that we were given two choices of tutors. Neither one was close-by for face-to- face meetings. I wasn’t a big fan of video calls but after first session I’ve changed my mind. The chosen Chelsea tutor is a very dedicated educator that overwhelmingly surprised me with her professionalism and care for my son. I wish that my so could have a teacher like Mrs. L. for rest of his middle and high school. Me and my wife are very happy from academic progress and level of cooperation during sessions. Thank you for all your help.