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Client Testimonials

Jennifer B., Test Prep

We are very happy with the tutoring sessions. The Chelsea tutors are very knowledgeable and professional. My daughter was able to not only build up her skill set, but also her confidence as well.

Stephanie M., Act Tutoring

I am extremely pleased with Chelsea International. My daughter and I were struggling to find the right tutoring service for ACT prep at the right price. According to my daughter who has had top tier tutoring for most of her high school years, she expressed what an amazing teacher her Chelsea tutor was,…her exact words were…She was the “BEST tutor I ever had. ” Naturally I was very happy to hear that. We will definitively contact Chelsea International again. I highly recommend them as they exceeded my expectations.

Jacek J., Reading and Writing Tutoring

To all parents that looking for help for their children!!! I would like to share my experience with Chelsea International and the Chelsea tutors. Before I decided to contact Chelsea International I was very frustrated. It is very hard to find competent tutor. Time of meetings and distance to travel are also factors. In frustration I’ve extended my search to see if there is any one that can help. When I contacted Chelsea for the first time my conversation with them was for almost an hour. They wanted to know what kind of difficulties my son had, his grades, and behavior. Based on that we were given two choices of tutors. Neither one was close-by for face-to- face meetings. I wasn’t a big fan of video calls but after first session I’ve changed my mind. The chosen Chelsea tutor is a very dedicated educator that overwhelmingly surprised me with her professionalism and care for my son. I wish that my so could have a teacher like Mrs. L. for rest of his middle and high school. Me and my wife are very happy from academic progress and level of cooperation during sessions. Thank you for all your help.

Laurie B., SAT Tutoring

The tutoring provided was outstanding my daughter raised her reading score on the SAT by 100 points!!! We are so pleased with the professional service provided.

Sydney H., SAT Tutoring

The experience with my tutors have been amazing. They always made sure I thoroughly understood the material before moving on. They also showed genuine compassion for how I was doing, both during the tutoring and after testing.

Deborah M. – SAT Tutoring

My Chelsea tutor is amazing. She really knows how to help students prepare for the ACT.

Stacy C., College Admissions Counseling

Stacy Chen scholarship help

I am so happy working with Chelsea International college admissions service, and I feel blessed to have found them. I was really concerned about the college application process and whether or not I would be able to find a scholarship, but I am working with some great, experienced college counselors who really know their stuff from essay writing to finding the right colleges for me to apply to and also scholarships. I am now really excited about my future. Thank you to my Chelsea coaches, not just for my college applications and scholarship assistance, but for the overall mentoring you have given me so far. I feel really positive about everything.

Adaleya J., ACT Tutoring

My Chelsea ACT tutoring was the best thing I did to prepare for one of the most important tests in my life.Their step-by- step systematic process called: The Chelsea Way, was extremely easy to follow and was also tailored to my individual needs. I am now more confident than ever that I am going to get a top score on the ACTs. The unique tips and strategies that my Chelsea tutor showed me were critical for my ACT preparation. There’s a reason why Chelsea International tutors are ranked #1 and have so many 5-star reviews! Thank you very much for all of your help!”

Marissa J., ACT Tutoring

Marissa Jones act prep help

“I didn’t think about hiring an ACT tutor for my daughter Marissa until a good friend mentioned it to me. And then after taking a practice ACT test, we decided to go ahead and find a tutor.

Not knowing anybody who did ACT tutoring, we searched around a little, and we decided to go with Chelsea International due to all of the 5-star reviews and great testimonials.

Let me just say that they have all those 5-star reviews for a reason! Very professional, knowledgeable, and dependable. This is our first time with a tutor and I actually wish that we would have started with them sooner!

Highly recommended by myself and my daughter Marissa!”

Tori H., SAT Tutoring

There is no hesitation in my mind that Chelsea International have some of the best tutors out there. My assigned tutor is professional, has great subject knowledge, and shows real passion for what he does and his students. My daughter has been excelling in her PSAT training, she is focused, more confident and determined to do well because of the encouragement given to her by her Chelsea tutor. Thank you, Chelsea. I definitely recommend you to others.

Jasmine J., ACT Math Tutoring

I acquired ACT math tutoring services for my 17-year old son. After a few sessions, it is apparent that my son is less stressed and looks forward to his sessions. I have frequent talks to check on his status and frankly I can see that he truly appreciates the independent assistance that he is receiving. In fact, his grades are improving. I am hopeful that he will continue to do well until graduation. Thank you, MOM.

Palma D., ACT Tutoring

I have had tutor companies in the past for my daughter but really feel this is a 5-star tutoring service. My Chelsea tutor is not only brilliant but super understanding of what we needed. In short, she was able to diagnose our needs and make a plan to help. She really wants to make a difference in students’ lives!! Very grateful and impressed, will continue to use and to recommend.

Chantelle C., SAT and ACT Test Prep Tutoring

“Choosing an on-line tutoring school can often be difficult just because of how many are available but with Chelsea International, I knew it was the right place for me to succeed in the academic success I was searching for. The fact that their tutors went above and beyond and created me a unique program that helped fill in the gaps in education that I was missing and struggling with has helped me immensely with my studies. Not only was I able to increase my test prep scores, but I learned how to study efficiently as the way I learned was identified. In addition to this, specific test prep strategies and tips were created for me, so I could study my way and not get stuck in generic teachings that don’t always work with every individual.

When you can increase your ACT score by 5 points, you know you’re working with a highly esteemed and professional service. The Chelsea International tutoring service has made me confident in my education and abilities, and for those who are serious about preparing for college, they come highly recommended.”

Teri S., ACT Tutoring

I would like to give a shout out to Monica for assisting my daughter with ACT tutoring. Not only was Monica highly knowledgeable and an experienced tutor she was warm and personable. My daughter raised her score from a 21 to 28 in a short period of time due to excellent strategies, tips and personal attention. Highly recommended! Five gold stars!

Vernon W., SAT Mathematics Tutoring

My whole experience with Chelsea International was a very positive one. Dr. Michelle was genuinely concerned and assigned a tutor who was patient, punctual, and thorough. I received a follow up call after the initial session and she was flexible, as i had to rearrange my meeting time. I would definitely recommend Chelsea International to anyone who is in need of a tutor, no matter what the subject matter is.

Deborah M., ACT Tutor

Dr. Michelle devoted 10 or so hours a week for three weeks straight to working one-on- one with my daughter, a senior in high school who was taking her ACT for the second time. Initially, I had my doubts about online tutoring but after a preliminary session with my daughter which I oversaw, I concluded that online tutoring would likely work well for her. Throughout the three-week period, I encountered no resistance from my daughter when it was time to log in for a tutoring session. She really seemed to enjoy working with Dr. Michelle and gave her undivided attention. They developed a rapport quickly, which given the lack of face-to- face contact, surprised me. I’ll close by saying that Dr. Michelle is very compassionate and has a strong desire to see her students succeed, so much so that she worked with my daughter daily during the Christmas holiday, the only exception being Christmas Day. Yes, she even tutored on Christmas Eve, two sessions on New Year’s Eve and two sessions on New Year’s Day. I consider that extraordinary. I highly recommend Chelsea International and Dr. Michelle for college admissions test tutoring. My daughter would as well.

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