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The Final Stretch – Make It Count!

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Whether you are finishing the 9th grade or about to graduate, the end of the school year is always a challenge.  You might be in the midst of Spring Fever and really looking forward to the summer and it is natural for many people to get more easily distracted, or even lose interest, but you are in the final stretch.

Students, doesn’t it feel like it was just Christmas and the calendar turned to 2018? Well, you are closer to the end of the school year than you are to the beginning.So, hang in there! Focus on the finish line because you really need to make this time of the year count.

Here’s a bit of an analogy.  In your physical education classes, you probably had to do some kind of a long-distance run.  The last quarter of the race or run is definitely harder than the first quarter.  You have put in a lot of energy but still have some distance to go, but when you focus on the finish line it makes that last portion easier.  For many runners this is when they “dig deep” and push themselves to finish the race. These last several weeks may even turn into your brightest with the right attitude and belief in yourself.  You may even start a countdown. This could be a fun encouragement or a silver lining to let you know that your goal is within reach. The end of this school year is near, it’s almost over so make it count.  Whether you are graduating this year or have years ahead, the effort you put in now can have a big impact so don’t lose sight of the prize – good grades at the end of the year. Now is the time to “crush it”!

A special note to parents: this is a hard time for students, so we want to give you some advice to help you help your child succeed. Now is a good time to be an encourager rather than an enforcer.  Your child knows that (s)he is accountable to you and that you are in charge at home.  Some children show it more than others, but they know they have work to do and you have expectations. Here’s a little script you can use with your child.  “_________(name here), the school year is almost done but you have a lot of work ahead.  I am proud of you and I know that you will do your best, not just because we expect it but because you have it in you.  If you need anything ask and I am so looking forward to seeing you finish this school year on a great note”.   Give them a hug, (they may roll their eyes today but remember and cherish it later) and then walk away. Your child feeling supported rather than pressured by you can make a huge difference in their performance and test anxiety.  Your positive input can help make this final stretch count.


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