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Types of Summer Programs

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Have you made plans for the Summer yet? Whether you’ve lined up 6 weeks of work, rest and play, or you’re not yet sure how to fill the summer ahead of you, it’s smart to make time for a summer program during your time off school. Why? Because focusing on your studies while you have no school distractions is not only an ideal time to catch up on previous work, but the perfect window of opportunity to gain extra knowledge and get ahead. Great… so what type of summer programs are available to you? Keep scrolling to find out!


Residential summer programs often involve getting a taste of college life, before you actually get to go there. You might spend a week or two getting to know the campus, taking lessons in your chosen field of study and meeting other people. It’s kind of like a transition between a campus tour and actually being there at college at the start – so it’s a good way to ease yourself into real-life college. Take a look at what’s offered by your chosen college to see if there’s something of interest to you.


With online programming, the possibilities for you can be endless. And often the length of the program can be tailored to fit your own needs and availability. Need to brush up on your essay writing skills? There’s online help for that too! Got to work on your time management skills? Online is the place to go. Is there a subject that you should have pushed yourself harder on in class? Choose an online program to help you catch up. Remember, there’s a fantastic team of professionals and tutors here at Getting Into The Ivys at your disposal for any help you might need.

At Home / In-Person

There are so many benefits of in-person tutoring. You get to enjoy a highly personalized, thorough and dedicated learning experience either from the comfort of your home, or at a location of your choosing. Having someone there in person is great motivation to work hard and deliver on quality. Because you CAN do it. Sometimes just having a little extra push from the right person is all it takes. There are Getting Into The Ivys tutors based all over the US specializing in a range of subjects. Let’s see if we can find a great fit for you – all you need to do is get in contact.


Any type of summer program you choose can offer a wide range of advantages; participating in a summer program looks great on a college application, and you’ll thank yourself for prioritizing your education this summer and well into the future. (Trust us… you really will!)

So, have a think about what skills or areas of study you could improve on. Do your research and find a program this summer. And, of course, if you need any help? We’re right here to lend a hand and advise you. It’s about your choices and your future… make sure they’re great.

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